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Step 1 of 8 - Bottle Selection
Clients chooses bottles that are available in U-Lik (M) Sdn Bhd.
Step 2 of 8 - Choose Bottle Colours
Step 3 of 8 - Image Preparation
Artworks with objects, text or logos to be printed on bottles are provided by clients, and U-Lik (M) Sdn Bhd will advise clients on the available printing area. The artwork brought in by clients must be converted to a full-size positive. If clients are to prepare the positive themselves, they shall provide positive emulsion up for silk screen printing and positive emulsion down for pad printing.
Step 4 of 8 - Stencil and Screen Preparation
The full-size positive is used to make a printing screen(s) with the desired image stenciled on it. Printing screens are fabric mesh screens stretched and affixed tightly onto wood (frame).
Step 5 of 8 - Ink Management
Clients are able to select their desired colour from the Pantone Matching System (PMS), or by describing the desired colour and provide the necessary sample from any sources. After which, the ink will be matched according to desired colour.
Besides choosing colours, U-Lik (M) Sdn Bhd will advise clients on the type of ink that is suitable for printing. Prior to this, clients are required to provide U-Lik (M) Sdn Bhd with samples of their products to conduct an ink test. The ink test will determine which type of ink to be used i.e. unspeed ink or unicure ink on the respective bottles.
Step 6 of 8 - Printing Processes (Silk Screen Printing)
Silk screen printing involves “pushing” ink through a screen over a stencil. Screen is made of a stretch of cloth or mesh (nylon or polyester) over a frame (wood). Ink is dragged across the screen with a piece of rubber known as a squeegee. As the ink is dragged across the screen, it is deposited through the holes between strands that make up the warp and weft of the screen and onto the surface of bottle. The amount of ink deposited on the bottle will be determined by the size mesh of the screen (the mesh size refers to the size of the holes or how many holes per square inch). A stencil is used to block out areas where the colour is not wanted.
Step 7 of 8 - Hot Stamping
Clients are also able to create a distinct edge for their products through Hot Stamping. Hot Stamping is a method in which type or designs in the form of a relief die are impressed with heat a nd pressure through metallic or pigmented foil onto the surface of bottles, containers and caps.
Step 8 of 8 - Finished Products
Finally, bottles with desired images printed on.
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