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Toiletries & Cosmetics 18 Bottle Code G772-2427
Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bottles, Code G772-2427, Series Vienna, Volume 50ml  
  Code   G772-2427
  Volume   50ml
  Category   T&C Personal Care
  Material   PET-G
  Series   Vienna
  Shape   Round 
  Height (mm)   102.9 
  Diameter (mm)   31.5 
  AX (mm)  
  AY (mm)   
DL30 Double Layer Cap   DL30 Double Layer Cap + Insert IN395
PP2427 Screw Cap   PP2427 Screw Cap + Insert IN395
UL2427 Flip Cap   UL2427 Flip Cap
24/415 Hand Pump   24/415 Hand Pump
24/415 Lotion Pump   24/415 Lotion Pump with/without OC24
24/415 Mist Sprayer   24/415 Mist Sprayer with/without OC24
Code Volume  
771-2427 30ml  
771-24/410 30ml  
771A-2427 30ml  
772-2427 50ml  
772-24/410 50ml  
773-2427 60ml  
773-24/410 60ml  
774-3317 30gm  
775-2022 15ml  
775-18/410 15ml  
776-TT226 5ml  
777-TT226 10ml  
778PP-18/410 15ml  
779PP-18/410 25ml  
G771-2427 30ml  
G771A-2427 30ml  
G772-2427 50ml  
G773-2427 60ml  
G773-24/410 60ml  
G778-18/410 15ml  
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