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Going Green    
It may sound ironic to hear plastic-converting companies going green. But going green is still applicable to our business. Plastics, by convention are usually durable because we, as consumers insist on it. Nobody likes their products to give way or biodegrade way before the use-by-date. Imagine your clothes, made using polyester, start to have holes in it only after a few washes. Or your bottles start to leak because of cracks that have formed due to bio-degradation after 2 weeks. Not a pleasant thought? This is prevented by adding UV stablisers into most plastics, which ultimately causes bio-degradation to take a very long time.
So what are we as consumers, to do? In this aspect, the most green anybody can be is to move into the concept of the 3R's, which translate to REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.
Many organisations claim to go green in their marketing pitch. But do they? We at U-lik do. And below is how we accomplish it.
1.   We have a large solar power generation installation our factory rooftops. This very long term investment is extremely expensive and has a long gestation period. However, the immediate effect is that we will help the nation move into renewable energy production, reducing our dependence on coal and gas. Furthermore, we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 800 tonnes a year!
2.   U-Lik uses inverter technology and servo motors to reduce electricity consumption.
3.   We also run hybrid machines, which drastically reduces electricity consumption.
4.   The use of hot runner system molds also eliminate unnecessary waste.
5.   Parison controllers on our EBM machines help produce better bottles and yet reduce the consumption of plastics raw material.
6.   High tension power supply which reduces transmission power lost.
All the above investments cost a great deal of money and is usually very low on the priority of most companies. However, at U-lik, we believe that the future of our children is important and that profits should not come at a long term environmental costs. After all, we all share the EARTH.
1.   All possible material that is consumed by us is reused. All plastic converters will produce ends and parts which will need to be reused. We also do that here, using the lower grade reruns for products that do not require super high standards. Do take note that our PHARMACEUTICAL grade bottles only use virgin grade material. Strangely, this is not a government requirement at all. However, we believe that we should set the industry standard by insisting on doing so. Any recyclable materials are only used on chemical and industrial grade bottles.
1.   Ultimately, some plastic waste that we generate cannot be used. And these are then sold to recycling facilities nearby.
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