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Evolution and Transformation    
U-Lik evolved and transformed itself to become Malaysia’s specialist in mould designing, at the same time offering effective plastic solutions for the niche toiletry and cosmetic industry. U-Lik’s transformation further enhanced the organisation’s overall leadership role in the plastic manufacturing industry, as it is a firm that not only sells containers, but at the same time, providing effective solutions.
Since 1976, U-Lik has conceptualised, fabricated and developed more than 1,000 moulds through research and development initiatives to serve existing markets, and to create new market opportunities.
Technology transfers are coherently achieved, and the acquisition of current and specialised knowledge is encouraged to ensure the firm remains on the leading edge of providing exceptional services to better serve its clients. U-Lik also consistently facilitates Product Knowledge Exchange Programmes (PKXP) to communicate knowledge about industrial practices, and to provide clients with comprehensive product understanding through sharing of best practices.
In establishing its status as reputable solutions provider for the niche toiletry and cosmetic industry, U-Lik has successfully proliferated into other markets in the Asian and Middle East regions, namely:
Australia   Ireland
Brunei   United Arab Emirates
People's Republic of China   Singapore 
France    Hong Kong 
Thailand    Switzerland 
Expansion into foreign markets is testimony of the firm’s assurance towards quality.  U-Lik has coherently demonstrated its ability to be a major role player in the industry, at the same time ensuring that cost benefits are passed on to the customer at all times, synonymous with the firm’s brand philosophy.
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